YP-K3C white


Model YP-K9C
Type Hot / Cold / Sparkling
Color Silver&White
  • High level sparkling
  • Electronic LED Touch panel
  • Separate type single faucet
  • The automatic water filling in the tank
  • Double safety system against fire (Bi-metal)
  • Installed water level sensor
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Water Overflow detector
  • Leakage indicator
  • Double safety valve system (Co2 pressure safety valve)
  • Gas cylinder replacement indicator
  • Electronic lock system for Hot water
  • Easy to replace the filters and CO2 cylinder
  • Hot on/off switch for energy saving
  • Cord hook for move easily
  • Filter type : UF(Ultra Fiber) type
  • Direct Chill (under development)
Type Hot / Cold / Sparkling
Voltage  Customer’s option
Power Consumption Cold water 95W±10%
Hot water 450W
Sparkling 40W
Refrigerant R-134a
Heater Sheath Heater
Temperature Control  Thermistor / Ceramic Bi-metal
Storage tank capacity Cold water Direct Chilling
Hot water 1.3L
Sparkling 2.0L
Product Dimension Floor surface: 320(W)x490(D)x454(H)mm / Upper side: 320(W)x550(D)x454(H)mm
Product Weight 22.0 kgs
Container stuffing Quantity 40HC (512 units)