Model YP-U30
Type Hot / Cold / Cook (Tepid)
Color Panel: White / Black

Faucet: White / Silver / Gold / Black / Chrome / Blue / Green / Pink / Gray

  •  The ultra-compact (11.5 cm width) modern, fancy and tidy design
  •  Ideal for vertical or horizontal installation in the smallest kitchens
  •  180° rotating faucet / intuitive electronic LED touch panel
  •  One touch volume dispensing mode (120 ml / continuous for 20 sec.)
  •  Automatic / manual pasteurization mode (~65°C for 30 minutes)
  •  Easy to replace NSF certified “Plug and Play” type filter
  •  Three filtration stages (non-woven fabric, UF membrane, carbon block)
  •  Quiet operating mode
  •  Automatic lock system for hot water
Type Hot / Cold / Cook (Tepid)
Voltage Customer’s option
Power Consumption Cold water 60W; Hot water 300W
Cooling Source Semiconductor thermoelectric element
Heating Device Sheath Heater
Temperature Control Thermistor (Cold water) / Bi-metal (Hot Water)
Storage Tank Capacity Cold water 0.6L; Hot water 0.9L
Temperature Range Cold water – 5-10°C; Hot water – 75~95°C
Product Dimension 115(W)x394(D)x360(H)mm (including faucet)

174(W)x470(D)x464(H)mm (packing)

Product Weight 5.0 kg
Container Stuffing Quantity 20ft (624 units )
40ft (1,580 units)