Its sanitization by electro-analyzed water consists of Radical, Hypochlorous acid, metal ion and electrochemical cell made by electrolysis.

Sterilization by radical

Radical is an atom, molecule, or ion that has unpaired valence electrons. It is made by electrolysis and has strong oxidation power. The oxidation potential is about 2.8eV which is two times chlorine’s. Accordingly, its sterilizing power is two times as much as chlorine’s.

Sterilization by Hypochlorous acid

Tap water has small amount of Cl ion (Residual chlorine : Int’l standard is 0.4ppm/L). As it is electrolyzed, Hypochlorous acid(HClO) is made. Hypochlorous acid is subacid and has sterilizing power.

Sanitization by metal ion

As water is electrolyzed, movement of metal ions happens. During moving of Mg ions and Ca ions, electrons move between cells and metal ions, which deactivates, inhibits proliferation of and sterilizes bacteria.

Sanitization by electrochemical cell

When the living cell of bacteria is located between anode and cathode, polarization happens inside bacteria by electric force to be sterilized.

Sterilization by UV light

Effective UV sterilization can be done before water dispensing by mean of UV lamp or UV-C LED killing 99,9% of germs, viruses & bacteria.

Sparkling Cooler System
  • Made the carbonated water
  • Hold the various parents with regard to making carbonated water
  • High level carbonation over 3.0 level
  • Easily replace of the Gas cylinder(Bombe)
Energy Saving Technology
  • Improved energy efficiency over 70% more than old model
  • Independent type of tank for energy saving
Hygiene Technology
  • The cockroach and bugs prevention function
  • Anti-Bacteria of Air Filter
  • All water contact parts meet the FDA standard
Non-Spill & No-Overflow Water Guard System
  • Non-spill device during bottle change
  • Prevention of water overflow for the broken bottle